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About Suicide

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Read These Articles To Better Understand Suicide.

About Suicide

Learn warning signs, risk factors, and prevention tips.


You Are A Lifeguard is committed to providing you with the most recent information on suicide stats and facts in the field.


Learn the warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors of suicide in teens and young adults.


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about suicide and suicide prevention.


Help is available. Learn different types of treatment that are effective for teens and young adults.


Suicide prevention is the collective effort to stop suicide from occurring. Learn more about what you can do to prevent suicide.


Read general information about the most common mental illness and how they may impact risk of suicide.

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You Make All The Difference

Parents, friends, and family members play a role in preventing suicide and supporting youth.

In our initiative to combat teen and young adult suicide – we are looking to bring awareness and change to our local Central Florida community. To do this, we need support to build a network of Lifeguards who are committed to educating, identifying, and preventing instances of suicide attempts.

Parents, guardians, family members, friends, teachers, school administrators, coaches, extracurricular activity leaders, mentors, service providers, and many others play a major role in reversing the culture of teen suicide.

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